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Master List of Numb3rs Fic

Carter!verse: Fics in Chronological Order
(Overall pairing: Dwayne/Colby)

Party Favor: Colby has problems not following in his father’s footsteps.

Side-by-Side: Dwayne/Colby friendship, Colby is by Dwayne’s side as he becomes a dad.

A Part, However Small: Dwayne/Colby, Dwayne saves Colby’s life. Sex ensues.

Tension: Dwayne/Colby, Dwayne and Colby survive another night, but can't shake the tension.

Moderation: Dwayne/Colby, Colby shares a secret with Dwayne and they have a bit too much to drink.

Outside, Looking In: Colby returns home. Dwayne’s already waiting.

Becoming Familiar: Dwayne/Colby, Jenny and Dwayne’s partnership is falling apart… so Dwayne sleeps with Colby.

Better Than: Dwayne/Colby, Colby knows everything has changed, Dwayne disagrees.

Watching the Past: David watches a bit of Colby's past resurface.

Resolve: In the end, Colby always does what's necessary to get the job done.

If I Had To: During the escape from prison, Dwayne admires Colby. Dwayne swears to save Colby if he has to

If Need Be: Dwayne thinks he had always know that he would die for Colby, if need be.

Once Burned: Dwayne would rather die than go back to prison, and once there he realizes that no matter how many times he tries to say he's sorry, it'll never be enough.

Never Stop Trying: David and Colby talk about family.

NOTE: The Addiction Series is comprised of Party Favor, Moderation, and Becoming Familiar. Colby’s got a bit of a problem. Dwayne’s become a bit of a cure. Each of these drabbles take place in different spots in the overall time line, but this mini series can also stand alone.

Other Numb3rs Fic


Dysfunction: William Bradford POV, Don and his team take turns on Bradford's couch.

Pensive: Don's had a bad day. Charlie's been thinking.

The Finer Points of Professional Hockey: David POV, Don, Colby, and David go to a hockey game.

California Christmas: David POV, A freak snowstorm hits LA, and the non-Californians enjoy their fellow agents' responses.

Survivor's Guilt: Howard Meeks contemplates the LA FBI Violent Crimes Unit’s demise. Deathfic.

Poetic Justice: David gathers evidence on one Colby Granger.

Slash and Pre-slash

Lick: David POV, David/Charlie, David can't be held responsible for his actions if Charlie doesn't stop.

Valentine: David POV, Colby/withheld, David can't help but wonder about the strange Valentine's Day gifts Colby keeps getting.

Hurt-Break-Heal: Don POV, hints of Don/Billy and Don/Colby, A series of events spanning ten years take Don from one thing to another.

Influencing Everything: Don, Charlie, partial Charlie-POV, It was one of those things that they never talked about.

Honesty, Etc.: Implied Eppescest, Don never really could say no to Charlie. Even when he thinks he should.

Rodeo: Billy/Colby, Dub-Con, Colby gets more than he bargained for. And then decides he's okay with that. ( numb3rs_newyear fic)

By the Way, By the Time: Colby/Eppes, Colby's thoughts, set during Trust Metric. (First Numb3rs fic- not my best work).
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