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Latest Supernatural?

Did anyone else watch tonight's episode and wonder about what Kripke is up to? I mean, first we have Dean's comment about Castiel giving him a "you're getting laid" look. Then we have Zacariah calling Sam and Dean erotically co-dependent (seriously good line, btw), which I suppose we're suppose to either not notice (no chance in hell), or wave off as angel!slander and Zacariah being an ass again.

Is this Kripke's way of encouraging all slash fans? Or none of us at all?

On a side note: I seriously loved Castiel in this episode- major props to Misha Collins. He finally kicked some serious angel ass, he apparently gave Dean a "You're getting laid tonight" look, and of course his "I rebelled for this" speech. Not to mention the suicidal Hail-Mary mission at the end, and his parting comment, "I won't watch you fail," to Dean. *loves*

Also- thank you Kripke for finally letting Sam and Dean be Sam&Dean again- it only took two seasons.

On an entirely different note: is anyone else watching the Vampire Diaries? It's totally my new guilty pleasure show. I guess, I can't resist two hot, angsty brothers with serious issues. :)
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