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Numb3rs Fic: Valentine

Title: Valentine
Pairing/Characters: David POV, Colby/withheld
Rating: PG
Summary: David can't help but wonder about the strange Valentine's Day gifts Colby keeps getting.
Word Count: Four 100 word drabbles
Spoilers: no specific spoilers
Disclaimer: Numb3rs does not belong to me in any way, shape, or form. This has not been beta'd, so I apologize for any glaring mistakes.
A/N: A belated Valentine's fic, written for numb3rs100 February Rewind Prompts: Classic, Chocolate, Flowers, Gift


The sun was shining, and David was definitely glad he lived in LA, and not somewhere that required a snow shovel. It was a rare Sunday off from work and he had nothing to do. As David wondered if asking Colby if he was free on Valentine's was weird or not, his phone rang.

And there went his day off.

When David arrived at the office, he noticed a shiny, red-wrapped gift on Colby's desk. Not one to allow mysterious gifts to go unnoticed, David investigated. The carefully wrapped package had been carefully opened to reveal a penguin.

A Valentine's penguin?


As the day wore on, David started to hope that some time in the next ten minutes Charlie or Amita or, hell, anyone would miraculously come up with a solution. Charlie and Amita, however, seemed to think that working on math was a perfectly valid way to spend Valentine's together. Don wasn't much help, calling Robin to say, “Sorry, not much longer.”

And then their was Colby. A strangely happy and tight-lipped Colby. After a few hours, a bouquet of flowers arrived for Colby. They weren't roses, though. They were daisies.

Who sends penguins and daisies on Valentine's Day?


While sifting through paperwork and ignoring the math happening in the conference room, David couldn't help but notice when the third delivery arrived. David wasn't sure if he was worried about Colby being stalked or jealous of Colby's new girlfriend. Colby thanked the delivery guy and unwrapped the shiny red paper.

“Junior mints?” David was starting to question the mental state of Colby's mystery girlfriend.

Colby just smiled, “I love junior mints.” David knew that- they always argued about candy at the movies.

As they left that evening, David watched Colby carefully gather up his gifts, smiling happily.


When Colby opened his apartment door he heard and smelled someone cooking in his kitchen. The radio was playing AC/DC and there was Ian, apron and all, pulling out a dish of enchiladas from the oven. Colby paused, just a second, to admire the view.

Without turning, Ian observed, “It's not polite to stare, y'know.”

“Thank you for the gifts, they made the day go by faster,” Colby said, ignoring Ian's comment.

“Night's still young. Come have dinner.”


Ian grinned, “Would you rather have the classic Italian dinner for two?”

“Classic is overrated.”

So, I re-watched Ultimatum, and some how this is what I got out of it. The boys refused to be angsty. *shrugs*
Tags: colby, david, numb3rs, numb3rs100
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